Sunday School Lessons

For the next few weeks we will be learning about HOPE.  We will be going through the book of 1st Peter.  We would love for all our kids to watch and have short discussions with parents about the lesson and connect it to the current world situation.  What a great opportunity to teach our kids (and remind ourselves!) that God is in control and that we can have HOPE!

Don't worry its EASY!!!  Here is how it works: 

  1. Click on the specific Sunday date.  The link will take you to a video in RIGHT NOW media.  If you do not have access to RIGHT NOW media, please let us know (send and email by clicking here)

  2. Open the document right beside it and follow the discussion questions 

  3. Memorize the bible verse found on the page - (Please note the first lesson does not have a verse to memorize)

  4. Pray together

Our kids did the book of Ephesians so some of the concepts will be familiar.  

PLEASE VISIT OUR FAMILY PROJECT PAGE HERE.  I am hoping we can end up with an awesome video at the end of this quarantine time.  Please visit the page and participate!

Questions?  Email Maria at